Puppies from Previous Litters

They have all found wonderful forever homes and are providing lots of love to their families.

We always love to hear from our "Puppy Parents" and enjoy receiving pictures of the puppies as they get older.

Mellow 6 months Old

"He has been great. Best dog ever.! Brings us joy every day."

Maggie 6 months Old

"She has a wonderful disposition. Love her to bits."

Hana 6 months Old

"Hana is doing great. Playful and healthy."

Butchie 6 months Old

"Called him Butchie."

Willow 1 year Old

"Willow has trained very easily - fully house-broken within a couple of weeks, can sit, stay, and lay down for a treat :)"

Penny 1 year Old

"She makes me laugh everyday, she is such a funny little dog. We love her very very much! She is now a registered support dog."

Taya 6 months Old

"She is adorable and very loved."

Lana One Year Old

"She loves all her family, when she's not terrorizing them, they're napping together! We couldn't be happier with our little Lana!!!"

Buddy One Year Old

"He's very smart and has learned over 15 different commands and tricks already!"

Teddy One Year Old

"These dogs are SO intelligent and loving. You have a great mix going there."

Pippa One Year Old

"We think these dogs are such a great mix with wonderful temperaments. They are SO clever - training has been going surprisingly fast!"